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Best Periodical Databases for General Searching

  • Academic Search Premier (SEU) (APL)
  • Expanded Academic ASAP (SEU)
  • LexisNexis Academic (SEU)

Note Taking

Cornell Method

Name / Date / Class
Recall Column
(2˝" margin)
Notes Column

* Detailed notes go here

Summary (2" height)

Develop graphical memory

"Develop your memory for visual shapes, colors, and textures, and you will gain skill in thinking in pictures. The way to practice is to examine a picture or illustration closely, then close your eyes and try to recreate it in detail.

Try sketching it from memory, and then check your graphical memory for accruacy. Works of art provide more interesting material than cmmercial images, and you will find your taste and discrimination for visual quality improving as you notice more."

How to Learn New Vocabulary Words

  1. Try to deduce the word's meaning from context.
  2. Look it up!
  3. Note the spelling
  4. Say the word out loud.
  5. Read the main definition. Scan the secondary definitions.
  6. (If you have time) Compare the definition with the definitions and usages of its synonyms.
  7. Define the word using your own words.
  8. Use it in a sentence
  9. Attach the word to a mnemonic, mental image, or other memory aid
  10. Fill out a flash card and make a new entry in your notebook.
  11. Use the new word every chace you get.

Improving Writing

"Here's a procedure that I almost always find useful for improving almost any kind of written composition -- a speech, an essay, an op-ed or a story. As a first pass, try cutting the first 10 percent (the "throat clearing") then moving the last 30 percent (the payoff) to the beginning of the talk (don't bury your lede!). About 90 percent of the time when someone gives me a paper for review, I find that it can be improved through this algorithm."

-from BoingBoing

Colored Pens and Pencils

"For permanence in your diaries I recommend you use a biro or ink pen. Add variety to your writing by using different colours. Consider buying a 4 colour in one biro (Black, Blue, Red and Green) or carry a selection of different coloured pens with you.

Buy a set of fine ink pens such as the Stabilo Boss pens shown on the left.

Pencil is good for sketching and making corrections, but not recommended for permanence in the case of Inventors’ Notebooks."

Language Learning Tricks

Use visual mnemonics, imagined around an actual town you are familiar with:

  • nouns - in town
    • genders - in clearly divided parts of town
  • adjectives - in the park
  • verbs - playing field or sports center
  • many languages = many towns

Language Learning Tips

  1. Learn the language of food
  2. Translate fiction
  3. Read zines in a foreign language
  4. Swap tutoring
  5. Listen online (radio-locator.com)
  6. Buddy up
  7. Become a high-flying foreign film supergeek
  8. Take a foreign lover

From Becoming Bilingual by Donald N Larson:

Metalinguistic Communication

What will he say to a stranger to get him to talk but at the same time understand that the learner will not understand everything that is said?

  1. Would you tell me a story?
  2. Would you describe this for me?
  3. Would you explain this to me?
  4. I'm trying to learn <language name> and I have a problem that you might be able to help me with.

Or, the learner might have heard something that he did not understand.

  1. Would you say that again, more slowly?
  2. What does that word mean?

The learner may have said something he thinks was misunderstood.

  1. Did you understand what I said?
  2. Is there a better way of saying this?
  3. Would you use this word in this way?

Language of Color

coloremotional responsesbusiness implications
redaggressive, passionate, stronge, vitalexcellent for accents/bold statements
can be associated with debt
stimulates appetite
pinkfeminen, innocent, soft, healthybe aware of feminine assocations
orangefun, cheerful, warm, exuberantuse to highlight graphs & charts
yellowpositive, sunshine, cowardiceappeals to intellectuals
great for accents
too much can unnerve
greentranquil, healthy, freshdeep tones convy status & wealth
pale tones are soothing
blueauthoratative, dignified, secure, faithfulimplies fiscal responsibility & security
most universally popular color
purplesophisticated, expensive, royal, mysterioususe for upscale & artistic audiences
too much can overwhelm
brownutilitarian, earthy/woodsy, subtly richoften signifies less important items in documents
good choice for environmental materials
whitepure, truthful, contemporary, refineddark colors are enlivened when surrounded by white space
can be refreshing or sterile
graysomber, authoratative, practical, corporatealways correct for conservative audiences
good accent for neutralizing brights
blackserious, dintinctive, bold, classiccreates dramatic effects
great background color

see also: http://kittyshaman.tripod.com/colors.html

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