Drupal Theme Developer’s Cheat Sheet


UPDATE: I’ve now posted an updated Drupal 6 Theming Cheat Sheet.

The Drupal Handbooks are an exhaustive resource for learning all things Drupal. Unfortunately, sometimes finding just the information you need can be difficult. The Theme Developer’s Guide alone includes 14 sections, most made up of additional sub-sections.

With that in mind, I put together a Drupal Theme Developer’s Cheat Sheet that includes some of the most handy reference information for themers. The cheat sheet is specific to PHPTemplate, the most common theme engine for Drupal. The two page cheat sheet includes information on available variables, file naming conventions, sample code, and more.

If you have any corrections or suggestions for improving the cheat sheet, please leave a comment.

Download the PDF: Drupal Theme Developer’s Cheat Sheet

UPDATE: Horacio Salazar has translated the cheat sheet and posted a Spanish language version on his DrupalMex site.

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20 Responses to “Drupal Theme Developer’s Cheat Sheet”
  1. Pierre Says:

    great reference!! thanks

  2. John McGeechan Says:

    Great stuff Matt. Thanks for putting this together

  3. Steve Says:

    Good job! Thanks for guide

  4. themegarden.org Says:

    It could be really heplful for drupal theme developers.

  5. Horacio Salazar Says:

    Matt: I’d like to translate the cheatsheet to spanish, but won’t do it without your permission. May I have it? Thanks!

  6. Matt Says:


    Yes, please do translate it into Spanish. It is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license (to match the Drupal documentation that it borrows from), so you are more than welcome to translate it. Just be sure to license your version under the same license, in keeping with the “ShareAlike” part.

  7. lefnire Says:

    ooo! ooo! very cool! you should hook us up with more cheat sheets (like drupal functions, drupal hooks, etc) :D

  8. Alan F Says:

    As I see, this is just for Drupal 5 themes.
    Is there something similar for Drupal 6 themes?

  9. Richard Says:

    Thanks for the resource Matt. I’m not a Drupal developer (and don’t even pretend to be one), but I am a Drupal and Joomla “dabbler”. I want to setup a Drupal and Joomla beta-server for my corporate intranet site. My goal is to use it as a way to improve communications (instead of always using email!!!), improve project management, and begin a knowledge management process. I’ve already setup a TWiki server and a WordPress server and a Moodle server. My question is do you know of resources for corporate Drupal usage (especially to migrate away from Microsoft SharePoint)?

    Thanks again for your information. I linked to one of your blog posts about How To Be A Star At Work. Thanks!


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  11. Jeremy Says:

    Thought about doing an update for Drupal 6?

  12. Matt Says:

    I plan to post a d Drupal 6 version of the cheat sheet soon.

  13. George Harkin Says:

    Thanks for this Matt. Great resource and it should be included on the Drupal 5 theming guide.

    Looking forward to D6 version.


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  15. Ben T Says:

    I’m also looking forward to the Drupal 6 Version -

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  20. seo china Says:


    just to let you know, we translated your cheat sheet in chinese here :

    Long live drupal.

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